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Taking Stock

The holidays are here, and in the midst of wrapping gifts, reconnecting with family, and watching the yule log, now is an excellent time to take stock of your child's progress during the 2017-18 school year and to plan for next year. So over the next several weeks, take a moment for the following:

1) Gather information. You've now probably received at least one report card and attended a parent-teacher conference. You may have emails or notes of calls with your student's teachers. You may have received progress reports from therapists or other service providers. Now is a great time to aggregate this material to assess your child's progress in school. Do you need more information? Now is a great time to set up a meeting with a teacher or service provider in early January.

2) Examine your child's IEP.  What goals did the IEP team set for your child? Is your child making progress toward those goals? Are there areas where he/she/they need more support? Is your child receiving the services required by the IEP? Is your child receiving the accommodations listed in the IEP?

3) Assess your options. If there is something that is not going well or your child is not making progress in a particular area, what can you do about it? Some issues can be fixed with a brief meeting with a teacher or administrator. Other issues require more attention. Does your child need to be re-evaluated? Do you need to request that the IEP team reconvene? Is your child's current school the best environment for him/her/them?

4) Plan for next year. Although it seems early, private school application processes for the 2018-19 school year are underway and many close in January or February. If you believe that your child's current school is not meeting his/her/their needs, now is an excellent time to start researching schools that may be a good fit. Most schools offer open houses, which provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the school.

If you are stuck on any of these questions or need advice concerning your options, contact us for a consultation. 

Finally, enjoy the holidays. We wish you and your family the best!