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What is an IEP?

Individualized Education Program


An IEP is the blueprint by which the school district must meet the special education needs of a child.

School districts must create an Individualized Education Program ("IEP") for a child with a disability.

The IEP is a legal document that lists the child's needs, the plan to address those needs, and methods to measure the child's progress. The IEP lists the services and accommodations the school must provide to the student. The IEP must be comprehensive, address the unique needs of the child, and be drafted pursuant to a detailed set of procedures. In New York, the IEP is created at a meeting of the Committee on Special Education ("CSE") (or Committee on Preschool Special Education for preschool students). The CSE includes, but is not limited to, parents, teachers, a district representative, and a school psychologist.

Parents are guaranteed "meaningful participation" in the IEP meeting under the law, but often leave the IEP meeting feeling that it was rushed and that their concerns were not addressed. Additionally, parents often do not agree with the special education services recommended in the IEP.

The Law Office of Justin Shane serves children between ages 3 and 21 that have been diagnosed with a disability or who are suspected of having a disability. Justin advises parents on the process for obtaining an IEP for their child and how to contest the recommendations included in the IEP.